Winter wilderness to wonderland 

Merry Christmas lovelies!!Its such a coincidence that my second blog post is on the most festive , sparkling and beautiful time of the year. The climate is cosy…some parts are wrapped in snow…presents are showered on and everything feels special. Don’t you just love it when the kitchen is always filled with cakes and treats and you don’t have to search for good food. 
But this time of the year is also when you can easily feel lonely. It reminds you of the people who are not here anymore. The ones who left you among the ones that were forced to leave. So I’m gonna try to sparkle u with some festive cheer. 
So no matter how not festive (pretty sure that’s grammatically incorrect) but you should put on some Mariah or Bublé cause it IS Christmas. And all I i want for Christmas is your happiness (pun intended). Instead of thinking of the people who left you this year think about the beautiful people who came in. Not forgetting the ones who didn’t leave your side for years. You might think your the only one having a miserable Christmas but trust me your not. If America can survive Donald Trump you surely can improve your Christmas. Snuggle up in bed with a great movie..have a lush bath or even better do something that you love. Cause aren’t festivities about doing what makes you feel #blessed. 
I hope that this blog will 
Deck ur lives with bells and holly

Bring shine and sparkle in dark and misery 
Wishing you a merry Christmas 

-Sparklyingly Yours

Dedicated this post to the person who gave me the push to start this blog. You know who you are Eiffel Tower(the person will get it 😂)


New born 

Sometimes I look out of the window…gazing the dark sky. My mind wanders to how lonely I feel 

Then I see that single star that twinkles brightly for thousands to see 
I remind myself that I’m not alone there are thousands of people looking at the sky for hope. Gazing that ball of light with me 💫


I often need a little star to tell me I can do it. Now I want to be a little star so that whenever someone looks out of the window the sky is never empty….. I’m always there. Hope that I can sparkle atleast one life. 

Gonna keep this sparkle anonymous cause I’m not gonna let anyone steal my sparkle 

See u next week for a little more about me

-Sparklingly Yours


***All the quotes/thoughts over here are trinkets of my treasure box (my heart obviously) unless mentioned otherwise 

All the hugs and love