Reflective surfaces 

Moving at a speed faster than a walk or never having both legs on the ground is the definition of run by the oxford dictionary. It’s something we do everyday. Run to class when we are late …run to feel calm …run from our problems but there’s one thing we can’t run from Our reflection. 
We carry it with ourselves. A mirror, a plain clear glass , still water they keep reminding us of who we are. Who we have become. When I used to wake up and look at myself I never felt content. The shirt was not right or my hair looked too much like Lindsey Lohan on a drunk night. The acne felt like scars and the protruding belly was never helping the cause. 
Now when I look at the mirror I smile. I have lost a few pounds And the skin has never looked better but more importantly I have discovered who I really am. I’m not even close to the perfect supermodel but I’m my own runaway superstar. 
And trust me learning that has made me more confident. I now know that all these years I was not ignoring a reflective surface I was ignoring myself. I’m more then glad that I realised it an early age so the rest of my life I won’t compare myself to the next best friend 
Don’t let others define the way you look or dress or eat. Find your sparkly self that you want to become and then work your self out to reach that goal to get some glow ✨
It’s never too late to start loving yourself and it’s never too early to start showing the world how amazing you are 
Sparklingly yours 



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