Little things 

 I’m not sure if today’s sunny or cold ..I’m not sure if you will pass in your test that you forgot you had tomorrow heck I’m not even sure what I had for breakfast this morning (still secretly wishing my mom had made pancakes)But I’m definitely sure your parents , teachers or someone out there must have told you this one thing. And if that was not enough I’m gonna repeat it once more for you You have no idea about the sacrifices we make  
When we are in a bit of a fix we definitely think of our situation as the worst. I surely did. My life is so unfair … this only happens to me …. I’m the unluckiest (is that a word ? ). I’m sure you guys have thought that too. But then one day while casually cycling down the street I saw a bunch of homeless kids. They were wearing clothes next to rags .. sharing a single ball and didn’t even have the comforts of a roof but they were so happy. The brightness in their eyes shined so bright as if the sun came out only for them. The way they smiled when they saw me was so innocent and honest. No jealousy.. it wasn’t forced or fake. 
Then it struck me hard like Miley Cyrus wreaking ball hard that we all have problems and difficult times. But if people with next to nothing can be so happy then I ,You ,We can surely be happy with more. 
We do NOT need Gucci or Armani to make us feel lucky we just need it to make us realise that we bring out the Essence in each of them. 
If your sad about a game you can’t buy think about the ones that Make games out of thrash. If your upset about a dress you can’t fit into then think about the ones who are dying of malnutrition. 
I’m not assuring you 100% bliss. You will have days when you feel absolutely shit but after a day of moaning try to get out of it. 
Try to make the best out of your situation cause in life there are gonna be times when you can’t see the light then you have to harness your own inner sunshine. 

The title of this post is my favourite song.,.tell me which ones yours in the comments. 

Keep that sparkle shining bright



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