Effortless effort 

Ello lovelies!!

How are you guys today ? It’s a gloomy Sunday from where I come from. And 3/4 th of day was buried in exams and tution. 2 hours stolen by sleep. Now the only sparkly thing in a distance is the oscar awards that La La Land may sweep. 
So today is not just about the oscars. It’s about efforts. It show millions of people put their life together to entertain us. How actors sacrifice their privacy,.,,their family ….,how directors burn the midnight oil. How the technicians work behind the scenes for almost no credit. 
Sometimes we can easily feel like those technicians. We might work for countless hours but the end result may not always be what we wanted. People and more than often the Ones we want to impress may turn a blind eye to our hours of dedication. 

They may easily tell you that you are worthless or that you will amount to nothing in life. They may tell you that you don’t work hard enough. 

But guys the only person who you need to satisfy is yourself. If at the end of the day you feel that you did one productive thing that made you smile or made somebody smile then isn’t that day more than fruitful. You each one of you are like precious diamonds. Who are they who don’t know anything about who you are to tell you that your not worth it ? Or to decode what your worth 

We all have moments where we wish people saw our efforts. Like don’t appreciate it but don’t tell me that it’s worth nothing. No one other than me knows about the sleepless nights about the little sacrifice. And why are we wasting our tears and constantly making efforts?
To see that special someone smile who doesn’t think twice before calling us worthless and breaking our hearts into a million shards

But open your eyes and see your smile. That 32 calcium teeth that were made specially for you. And tell yourself that one day they will see that YOU ARE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE. You see your efforts and so do I. So with a little bit of believe let’s sparkle the shit out of the haters shall we ? 

Love lotsssss 



Ps. Still can’t wait to gush over the oscar dresses and RYAN GOSLING🙈🖤

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The missing spark

Ello lovelies ,

As I’m writing this blog post I just finished my tuition physics test. So as any normal person would I studied the whole day yesterday or atleast did my best at it. I mean there’s only a few things you can do when Newton plays soccer with electrons in your head. 
You could force some more information in your head , stuff your face with food or do what I did binge watch the last episodes of a show you kept pending. Personally I love Rom-coms…sit shows and recently developed taste in crime-mystery. (That somehow sounded so poised in my head )
The Missing 2 was something I heard so many people rave about so obviously I joined the party and watched it. The show literally blew my mind. Like the same feeling I had when I realised that Trump is the president of United States x 100. Ya lost a few brain cells but gained a million soul cells 
Without giving any spoilers the show is about how little girls who were abducted and lost everything. Her childhood , education, love from her parents, her sibling , friends, her dignity and virginity. All those things that is a birthright of every person out there. 

I realised how easily I take my choices for granted. My parents , I love them to bits. But do I appreciate them as much as I would if I was taken? Food and a good place to live. That girl was striped off everything this universe ever owned her just because another man thought it could be a source of enjoyment. If you think this is fiction I would like to tell you it’s not. 
1000s of girls are deprived of their choices so make yours carefully. Sex is something which we casually joke about is being used as a source of abuse. Losing it to someone who is not your choice is not something any person should have to face. 
I salute anyone who has survived any kind of assault or deprivation of choice. We all were born with our own sparkle and some unfortunate people had theirs stolen. So it’s our duty to shower them with glitter cause these faces are the ones that need to glow. 

 People often wondered , even asked her why she lived in a world of black and white.

She wished they saw how filling them with different hues of her own was more beautiful than living in a world of fake colours. 💕

Love you allllll ❤🖤❤🖤



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*******these thoughts are my personal opinion and is not intended to offend anyone ****

Lonely love

Be careful with who u give parts of your heart and your trust. Because your giving them the power to crush your heart when it’s already quite broken. 

L. O. V. E. Four letters one syllable that can make Or break a person. It’s like oxygen you need it to survive no matter how much you deny it. Especially when Valentine’s Day is round the corner this four letter word becomes a game. 

A business one for eateries and novelty shops , a fun one for youngsters,a serious one for parents and life for the old. Personally I think Valentine’s Day is a tad bit overrated. Do we really need a day to show our significant other how much we care for them. I might sound so predictable (I mean I’m not above a few gifts and cupcakes my self BUT wen your single people constantly gushing about their love life is the last thing anybody wants to hear )
For some people spending this day alone is a CHOICE for others it’s a lack of the right person and the right time .., for a few its denial. For me it’s the first. A choice to be the best form of happiness alone till I feel the need of sharing my sparkle with someone else. No offence to the ones heads over heels over others. 
So this is my survival guide to this Valentine’s 

1. Ignore alll the gushing happy couples 
2. Who said you need others to buy you presents? Go ahead and buy a gift or better gifts. 
3. Go out with your real loves Your parents or your best friends ( DO NOT third wheel. You might commit homicide or suicide )
4. At night cosy up and realise how amazingly amazing you are with or without someone 
5. Lastly kiss your Harry Styles poster at the back of your room. Cause secretly we all wish we had him on Valentine’s Day as our Valentine right ? ( don’t worr your secret is safe with me ) TMI I’m a Niall girl 😝

Ps. After posting this my cousin said he doesn’t want to kiss Harry  so for the guys out there it’s Better if you keep your cooties to your self 😂😂😂
So what’s your plans this Valentine’s?

Love you all. 



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Mental magic 

To the outside world She’s the definition of perfect 

So put together so poised 

She made the illusion of being on her A game. A mastered ART. 

Her every move was so composed 

But deep inside behind the scenes 

Her mental health is in the trenches 

Every smile looks effortless

No one knows how the strings are breaking on the other side. 
We spend thousands of bucks on health these days. Insurance companies have made our very existence a business. Hospitals on every corner. Medicines to cure every little physical pain. Then why do I see so many people making a joke of mental pain. 
Isn’t keeping yourself sane more important than anything else in this world. It’s so easy to ignore the little indications. Every person out there faces stress. Even the ones that look the most put together. We all have times we doubt our being or question our feelings. For some, overcoming this is easy; for others believing that they might be ill is traumatising. They try to conceal it cause they know that half of the population out there will think you’re just making it up. 
But the real winners are the ones that get to the root of the problem. Admitting that you are ill is the step that will take you closer to happiness. Then you need to let someone know. Anxiety, panic attacks can rock you and your life to your very core; but at that time you need a rock to hold on. If your parents are not the best option in the 21 st century your friends definitely are. They will get you. Trust me. And little by little you will reach a happy place. A place which isn’t the world’s definition of perfect but definitely yours. 
Everyone in this world has their own set of problems so be kind. Let them see your sparkle and don’t let anyone take it away from you ❤✨
If you need any help. Let me know will ya ??❤

(Having closely observed anxiety I felt comfortable writing about it. The content is based on my views and i hope doesn’t offend anyone ) 
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