Mental magic 

To the outside world She’s the definition of perfect 

So put together so poised 

She made the illusion of being on her A game. A mastered ART. 

Her every move was so composed 

But deep inside behind the scenes 

Her mental health is in the trenches 

Every smile looks effortless

No one knows how the strings are breaking on the other side. 
We spend thousands of bucks on health these days. Insurance companies have made our very existence a business. Hospitals on every corner. Medicines to cure every little physical pain. Then why do I see so many people making a joke of mental pain. 
Isn’t keeping yourself sane more important than anything else in this world. It’s so easy to ignore the little indications. Every person out there faces stress. Even the ones that look the most put together. We all have times we doubt our being or question our feelings. For some, overcoming this is easy; for others believing that they might be ill is traumatising. They try to conceal it cause they know that half of the population out there will think you’re just making it up. 
But the real winners are the ones that get to the root of the problem. Admitting that you are ill is the step that will take you closer to happiness. Then you need to let someone know. Anxiety, panic attacks can rock you and your life to your very core; but at that time you need a rock to hold on. If your parents are not the best option in the 21 st century your friends definitely are. They will get you. Trust me. And little by little you will reach a happy place. A place which isn’t the world’s definition of perfect but definitely yours. 
Everyone in this world has their own set of problems so be kind. Let them see your sparkle and don’t let anyone take it away from you ❤✨
If you need any help. Let me know will ya ??❤

(Having closely observed anxiety I felt comfortable writing about it. The content is based on my views and i hope doesn’t offend anyone ) 
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Author: sparklinglyyours

If u ever feel like u have lost ur sparkle hit me up and I'll light u up

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