I refuse to sink 

Drew this myself 

Ello !!

21 st century the Modern age….the youths time. Where no judgements are passed where no prejudice or pride. 

Oh how I wish that was true ! If a girl gets raped it was cause her shorts were too short or she showed too much skin. If she was teased it was because she allowed. All the unnecessary attention she surely must enjoy it. 

Some of our parents proudly tell people that they allow their kids to make their own way. Preach that the attire they wear doesn’t influence their opinion about them. Behind the scenes they question the clothes that their own children wear. 

The clothes I bought never had a price tag or description saying slut. The makeup I bought never said made for attracting men on their packaging. It said confidence boost or adding to your beauty. 

I wear makeup cause I love the feeling when I get a sharp wing liner or a perfect smoky eye. I wear the clothes I wear cause it makes me feel sparklingly special. Not to impress some nobody. A boy who doesn’t even know the difference between contour and bronzer. 
Body shamers and makeup haters or people telling me that I can’t wear stripes cause I’m fat. That I should always leave my hair open cause I have a round face. They are just jealous that can not pull off something like you can. They are surprised by how confident you could look in wearing something that the world thinks you should not. 

I’m not going to change who I am and what I love for others … you shouldn’t too. I REFUSE to sink you should too 


Do you love makeup too? Does it make you feel like an artist ???


Peek a boo

Mirror mirror on the wall Just tell me I’m prettier than them all. 

Everyday in the morning when I wake up I’m either super confident and cute or right at rock bottom thinking that I’m so ugly that the mirror might break. I’m sure you all have days when you wished you had a dimple ( I have one on my right cheek😑), that your eyebrows were better or in my case that jawline would finally come out if it’s hiding and show itself. 

In men’s case I hear them complaining about their guns 💪 and their packs. They too have a constant disappointment with their jawline. 

The thing is all of our best features are playing peek a boo. They are hiding deep within and the entire world sees it except us. While your complaing about that thigh gap look up in the mirror and see how beautiful your smile is. While cursing the lord for not giving you the perfect lashes think about the sparkly eyes that hide within. 

Peeking through you is a new shine a new light that you need to discover. While the world marvels your features it’s time for you to accept them as your best. It’s like this elegant dress or this out there jacket that looks great on the mannequin and then when you buy it you wonder what happened to the magic. But the moment you feel confident that you can rock it ,immediately the dress looks prettier ,that jacket fits better. 

It’s time that you change the societies definition of beautiful and define yourself as your beautiful. I respect Ashley Graham for saying that “There’s no such thing as plus size it’s MY SIZE

She showed me that with or without cellulite. Jawline or no jawline. We still can look drop dead gorgeous. Wear stripes and crop tops. Dresses and dungarees. 

The moment you embrace your flaws you take the power away from the world to make you feel worthless. You seek the inner sparkle that’s hiding. Look Un the mirror and find your best feature and tell your self that it is more powerful than all your flaws. 

I hope this makes you love yourself a little more. And your inner goddess (god not forgotint my male counterparts😜) doesn’t play peek a boo
Lots of love 

Sparklinglyyours                                   -N🖤

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Behind blinds 

Do you hear that??? It’s a laugh a giggle that distinct sound that’s makes you wanna break a smile too. We all have a goofy friend that has our back. She /he is always so happy.  Like a literal ball of sunshine …they are just always smiling. You can always count on them to make you feel better about everything. 

You would never guess what’s going on in their mind cause they themselves are trying to forget what happened back home or in the dark of the night. Their smile was so wide that you never know about the bruises. What the long sleeves and the concealer could hide. 
Often I look at such people and think they are so lucky. Rich family ,loving parents ,understanding father ,kind mother. He / She can shop their heart out and still shop some more. But then how do I know what happens behind the curtains ? What nightmares they face while making every believe in their fake beautiful dream. 

When the doors closed the puzzle broke 

So did the pieces of her heart with words

Where the light didn’t shine she hid her tears 

The armour came down for the wounds to heal 

But when the light shined the Shards glue together 

She put the pieces back to paint the beautiful puzzle that the outside world had falsely painted 

We never know what’s happening behind those blinds ….each and every one of us has our own battle so be kind. Hug your happiest friend for me ? Just like that who knows maybe they need it ? Maybe that would make you the cause of their smile for once ?



Why single ??

I thought the first one with a needle and thread would stitch my heart together The second with glue would stick the broken pieces back.              With patience I realised I never wanted a tailor or an artist                 I needed a doctor to heal my heart with love 

Patience a word that can decide between who you are and who you want to be. In today’s world I think this golden word is something we keep loosing. Waiting in line or for someone is literally the most annoying thing for us. We pay extra to get the first seats …..the first chance. 
Teenagers lack patience In soo many situations. Especially Love. We vulnerable souls trust and love the first one who speaks the words we want to hear. Or sing the tune we want to hum. I myself being a teenager can be sooo impatient. But one thing I have patience with is finding my Better half. 

People often ask me why a seventeen year old doesn’t have someone else ? Well I laugh it off usually and say who would date someone like me ?Also I love my parents too much to break their trust. But the major  reason is in Ed Sheeran’s words “How can I love someone else before I learn to love myself ?”

I believe that if I am going to love and live my life for somebody else half of my life why don’t I love myself truly first. Make sure that I have patiently waited for the right person who would slowly learn to love me like I would love myself. Someone who knows everything about him only then would they be able to love my flaws … love those little things that I slowly accepted as my features. 

It may take you a few tries to get your Picasso who paints your picture even better then you could. For some it would be their first love well for others it might be a lover in their 60s. 

So if people find love after their 50s how is it uncool for me to be patient and love my self in my teens ? Surely I would love for someone to text me good night with a kiss emoji every day and ask me how my day was but If I could survive without it for 17 long years surely a patient 3-4 more won’t hurt right ??? 

What’s your take on love and patience? Have you already found your little love or are you patiently waiting like me ??? 
Lots of love ❤️ 



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