Behind blinds 

Do you hear that??? It’s a laugh a giggle that distinct sound that’s makes you wanna break a smile too. We all have a goofy friend that has our back. She /he is always so happy.  Like a literal ball of sunshine …they are just always smiling. You can always count on them to make you feel better about everything. 

You would never guess what’s going on in their mind cause they themselves are trying to forget what happened back home or in the dark of the night. Their smile was so wide that you never know about the bruises. What the long sleeves and the concealer could hide. 
Often I look at such people and think they are so lucky. Rich family ,loving parents ,understanding father ,kind mother. He / She can shop their heart out and still shop some more. But then how do I know what happens behind the curtains ? What nightmares they face while making every believe in their fake beautiful dream. 

When the doors closed the puzzle broke 

So did the pieces of her heart with words

Where the light didn’t shine she hid her tears 

The armour came down for the wounds to heal 

But when the light shined the Shards glue together 

She put the pieces back to paint the beautiful puzzle that the outside world had falsely painted 

We never know what’s happening behind those blinds ….each and every one of us has our own battle so be kind. Hug your happiest friend for me ? Just like that who knows maybe they need it ? Maybe that would make you the cause of their smile for once ?




Author: sparklinglyyours

If u ever feel like u have lost ur sparkle hit me up and I'll light u up

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