Peek a boo

Mirror mirror on the wall Just tell me I’m prettier than them all. 

Everyday in the morning when I wake up I’m either super confident and cute or right at rock bottom thinking that I’m so ugly that the mirror might break. I’m sure you all have days when you wished you had a dimple ( I have one on my right cheek😑), that your eyebrows were better or in my case that jawline would finally come out if it’s hiding and show itself. 

In men’s case I hear them complaining about their guns 💪 and their packs. They too have a constant disappointment with their jawline. 

The thing is all of our best features are playing peek a boo. They are hiding deep within and the entire world sees it except us. While your complaing about that thigh gap look up in the mirror and see how beautiful your smile is. While cursing the lord for not giving you the perfect lashes think about the sparkly eyes that hide within. 

Peeking through you is a new shine a new light that you need to discover. While the world marvels your features it’s time for you to accept them as your best. It’s like this elegant dress or this out there jacket that looks great on the mannequin and then when you buy it you wonder what happened to the magic. But the moment you feel confident that you can rock it ,immediately the dress looks prettier ,that jacket fits better. 

It’s time that you change the societies definition of beautiful and define yourself as your beautiful. I respect Ashley Graham for saying that “There’s no such thing as plus size it’s MY SIZE

She showed me that with or without cellulite. Jawline or no jawline. We still can look drop dead gorgeous. Wear stripes and crop tops. Dresses and dungarees. 

The moment you embrace your flaws you take the power away from the world to make you feel worthless. You seek the inner sparkle that’s hiding. Look Un the mirror and find your best feature and tell your self that it is more powerful than all your flaws. 

I hope this makes you love yourself a little more. And your inner goddess (god not forgotint my male counterparts😜) doesn’t play peek a boo
Lots of love 

Sparklinglyyours                                   -N🖤

Special mention: creativepassion29 for  pressing the like on all my blogs and reading all of them❤


Author: sparklinglyyours

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