Beauty in sizes 

Ello lil sparkles !!

 All my life I have heard people talk about a physical quantity….you know something that can be measured…calculated…added …defined. But most often this physical quantity is judged. Velocity…distance …time is directly proportional to a lot of things but being a physics student I have never heard that weight is directly proportional to beauty. 

Growing up being a chubby kid had always been hard. My friends …mates …colleagues…relatives heck even my parents never really thought that my size was a beautiful one. Family dinners and parties were filled with old people giving me DIY tips or gym numbers. Trainers that had made a difference before. 

Even today people keep telling me that I’m curvy , for gods sake I know. I own a mirror and I love the reflection I see. My parents and relatives tell me to eat less or comment on my choices as if not eating a slice of pizza was going to make me happy. Lol

I failed to understand how or why being chubby and curvy when I was 5 and 6 was cute but when I’m 17 it’s obscene. I have tried numerous diets and countless ways but I was never taught to be happy in my own skin. My best friends are really skinny and they are so beautiful for me but they think I’m beautiful too even though I’m a few sizes extra and a few kgs over. I’m not unhealthy I don’t have health issues …then how does being curvy stop me from being beautiful. 
I think it’s time for people to stop being crazy about size 0 cause I’m sure you can feel a perfect 💯 even if your a size 10. Last year I  lost a few pounds. And I did that cause I thought it would be better for me so for people who asked me if I did it for a guy or if I was disgusted with myself the answer is NO. 

If you think you need a change , do it for yourselves cause I think beauty comes in all sizes be it a zero or a hundred. And why should we let numbers define our infinite potential? So let me sparkle in my own size and let my fellow mates breathe in their own body!!
Lots of love 




Author: sparklinglyyours

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5 thoughts on “Beauty in sizes ”

  1. Oh God… This was so relatable…!!!!! Each sentence you worte is absolutely true…You really framed it in the best way…! I got tears in my eyes .. While reading it.. At times it was really very depressing for me.. Because of the people who used to judge me on how i used to look …that i was very chubby… I did change and lose weight… So many of them think that its because of them..and beause i was unhappy with my self…and i was unhappy with the fact that i was overweight. But they are absolutely wrong u too have written it..! This change which i went through was only for myself and i proved myself that once if i am determined i could achieve anything in life! .. I was happy before and i am happy now also… With what i am… You know what.. i would not say much about all these thing..! Because whatever i think and i am sure many of the other girls would really relate to whatever you have written…!! And i read all of the other stuff which you have written all are just amazing but this is my favourite one..!!💖 n i just loved it.. 👍✨

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    1. I just came back from a long day and this comment made me feel like a million dollars love. I’m so glad I could relate to u and I’m really happy that you are at a good place with yourself. After all that’s what really matters. If u ever need to talk to someone leave a comment and I’ll give u my twitter or insta. Glad I could help 💛


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