HEY !!! The past few months have been hard. I saw a lot of unhappiness. Not just in myself but around me too. my friends .. family . And I think I know what caused it.

Most of you must have grown some kind of plant or raised some kind of pet in the years that u have been alive. I know I have. The basics that you learn is that you give the plant or pet food , water and a home. But sometimes the plant still dies. The pet remains gloomy or doesn’t reciprocate the feelings you want it too. what I have seen is that every breathing living organism needs care. Attention.

Especially we humans. We are peculiar beings. Our efforts aren’t considered fruitful by us unless somebody ¬†acknowledges it. We need to be reminded that we are loved. I think thats what the people around me and myself was deprived of. We all no matter how happy or carefree we seem on the outside need to be told that our hardworking is valued. This spot only applies to teens but also to older individuals. Our parents need to know that we see them working. We aren’t oblivious of how much hardworking they put in and how much they sacrifice. We need to show them we care.

They too need to appreciate what you do. Teens need to see that their efforts matter. we need to show each other we matter. That our presence makes a difference.

So I’m here to tell you today. That I SEE. I see your tired eyes and know that you haven’t slept a wink. I see the scars that you try to hide. I see your failed attempts at smiling when your tearing up inside. I see your hard work. I see your efforts. I appreciate not your problems but how you overcome them. So my dear sparkles. I’m here to tell you that I even if I might not know you, I ¬†SEE that you are doing your best. And for now thats enough. you are more than enough .





sorry for being MIA lately. Hope you like this. for more stay tuned. LIKE,SHARE,COMMENT.