New bornĀ 

Sometimes I look out of the window…gazing the dark sky. My mind wanders to how lonely I feel 

Then I see that single star that twinkles brightly for thousands to see 
I remind myself that I’m not alone there are thousands of people looking at the sky for hope. Gazing that ball of light with me šŸ’«


I often need a little star to tell me I can do it. Now I want to be a little star so that whenever someone looks out of the window the sky is never empty….. I’m always there. Hope that I can sparkle atleast one life. 

Gonna keep this sparkle anonymous cause I’m not gonna let anyone steal my sparkle 

See u next week for a little more about me

-Sparklingly Yours


***All the quotes/thoughts over here are trinkets of my treasure box (my heart obviously) unless mentioned otherwise 

All the hugs and love