Let’s Love

Ello sparkles!!
Love is a complicated word that can make a lot of things simple. Its unconditional…it’s forgiving…it’s not judgemental….and its more than just mind. 

It consumes your soul , your heart your emotions. It can act as a beast but in the end its always a beauty. The best thing about it is that you can love anything and anyone. 

I love my parents..I love pizza…I love my best friend…I love my kindergartener teacher as much as I love my stern but yet comforting professors. The sky is the limit. You can define this four letter word into anything that fits your description. Your relationship. 

 We all will find a love from different people at different instances. I have never found love in a partner because I have never felt the need to look. I have always had enough of love even without having a lover. When I eventually do find him he will be my best friend. We will fight and bicker but in the end we will always remember how our definition is so different from the others. And that will be the memory that heals us back together 
But some people who are lucky enough have already found love at some point in their life. It may be long lasting or a day old but that one time it will be special. 

You might not share the same relationship with them anymore but you still respect the definition you both so carefully created. And that memory will break out a smile and make you forget all the hatred you ever had. 
So chin up my lil sparkles cause you will find your definition with someone or other sometime soon💕💕
Lots of love 




It’s OK 

Ello sparkles !!When I was little every day was a great day. I woke up late ….studied if I wanted to …ate what I want …got what I wanted. Being the first girl in the family came with its privileges. A few years after that my biggest problem was not doing my homework or not liking what’s for lunch. Fast forward a bit and then being teased was the trouble of the day. Then I lost my brother in an accident and things were mundane. 

A few years later NOW my biggest problems are getting the best grades in a test, the weights on the scale …what my friends think about me … and constantly trying to be my best. But the conclusion is that the problems changed everyday , every month , every year. And I’m still alive 

I’m still breathing and 90% of my days are happy days. There are days when I feel in the dumps. When everything about everyone seems wrong but if I could get through all of it for 17 years surely I could do so for the rest of my life ,right ? 
I cannot believe that it took me so long to realise that it was OK to have a bad day. It was OK to feel completely useless. It was OK to fight with the people you love cause they are not going anywhere. 
Anxiety…Jitters and tears were a part of life and getting it out once in a while is OK. There will be days when I feel so good. In my own little corner but the next day might be the absolute worst. And that was OK
So next time when you have a bad day …when anxiety strikes or panic breaks remember that You are  OK. You are still alive after so many trials so this new problem is just an older one with a changed tag. 
Having a bad day is a gentle reminder that the sparkle around you is getting over and it’s time for you to surround yourself with some inner sunshine 
All the love 


Colourful Eggs 

  Ello guys !!!
Happy Easter !!! My moms Christian so I get to celebrate easter and Christmas and all things nice. I also get to eat delicious food. Endless dishes and delicacies. We live really far from my grandmothers so whenever we come home she makes every dish that is on the menu. 

I also get to eat splendid Easter eggs. My mom got a basket of chocolate Easter eggs home and within minutes they disappeared into thin air. The dark chocolate ones ….the white chocolates …the tiny mini ones as well as the huge giant ones. They all came with different wrappers different colours. But in the end they were all gone. 
The sparkly glitter wrapped eggs left a sparkle in my mind. When it’s chocolate the size, shape ,colour ,covers don’t matter. But when it comes to something much more significant like people how does all this start to matter. 
How do the dark skinned gods get an inferior preference when they too have a fair heart. How do the light skinned beauties get no credit for their hard work cause people think things come easy to the white. 
We come in different wrappers but aren’t we all filled with delicious sweet stuff. 
There are some Easter eggs whose expiry date has passed those you definitely need to throw away. But when the eggs are disfigured we still eat it all cause in the end it’s all just chocolate. Everybody has faults but in the end we all are humans trying to be happy. 
So this easter when you eat an Easter egg learn to accept everyone cause we lovely sparkly people come in all shapes ,sizes and colours. 
Lots of love 



Mental magic 

To the outside world She’s the definition of perfect 

So put together so poised 

She made the illusion of being on her A game. A mastered ART. 

Her every move was so composed 

But deep inside behind the scenes 

Her mental health is in the trenches 

Every smile looks effortless

No one knows how the strings are breaking on the other side. 
We spend thousands of bucks on health these days. Insurance companies have made our very existence a business. Hospitals on every corner. Medicines to cure every little physical pain. Then why do I see so many people making a joke of mental pain. 
Isn’t keeping yourself sane more important than anything else in this world. It’s so easy to ignore the little indications. Every person out there faces stress. Even the ones that look the most put together. We all have times we doubt our being or question our feelings. For some, overcoming this is easy; for others believing that they might be ill is traumatising. They try to conceal it cause they know that half of the population out there will think you’re just making it up. 
But the real winners are the ones that get to the root of the problem. Admitting that you are ill is the step that will take you closer to happiness. Then you need to let someone know. Anxiety, panic attacks can rock you and your life to your very core; but at that time you need a rock to hold on. If your parents are not the best option in the 21 st century your friends definitely are. They will get you. Trust me. And little by little you will reach a happy place. A place which isn’t the world’s definition of perfect but definitely yours. 
Everyone in this world has their own set of problems so be kind. Let them see your sparkle and don’t let anyone take it away from you ❤✨
If you need any help. Let me know will ya ??❤

(Having closely observed anxiety I felt comfortable writing about it. The content is based on my views and i hope doesn’t offend anyone ) 
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Little things 

 I’m not sure if today’s sunny or cold ..I’m not sure if you will pass in your test that you forgot you had tomorrow heck I’m not even sure what I had for breakfast this morning (still secretly wishing my mom had made pancakes)But I’m definitely sure your parents , teachers or someone out there must have told you this one thing. And if that was not enough I’m gonna repeat it once more for you You have no idea about the sacrifices we make  
When we are in a bit of a fix we definitely think of our situation as the worst. I surely did. My life is so unfair … this only happens to me …. I’m the unluckiest (is that a word ? ). I’m sure you guys have thought that too. But then one day while casually cycling down the street I saw a bunch of homeless kids. They were wearing clothes next to rags .. sharing a single ball and didn’t even have the comforts of a roof but they were so happy. The brightness in their eyes shined so bright as if the sun came out only for them. The way they smiled when they saw me was so innocent and honest. No jealousy.. it wasn’t forced or fake. 
Then it struck me hard like Miley Cyrus wreaking ball hard that we all have problems and difficult times. But if people with next to nothing can be so happy then I ,You ,We can surely be happy with more. 
We do NOT need Gucci or Armani to make us feel lucky we just need it to make us realise that we bring out the Essence in each of them. 
If your sad about a game you can’t buy think about the ones that Make games out of thrash. If your upset about a dress you can’t fit into then think about the ones who are dying of malnutrition. 
I’m not assuring you 100% bliss. You will have days when you feel absolutely shit but after a day of moaning try to get out of it. 
Try to make the best out of your situation cause in life there are gonna be times when you can’t see the light then you have to harness your own inner sunshine. 

The title of this post is my favourite song.,.tell me which ones yours in the comments. 

Keep that sparkle shining bright


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Failing facades 

Pressing rewind….. when I was little I hated shopping with my mom. My legs used to hurt and trial rooms felt more like a workout what with trying a 100 dresses. Fast forward a little… ya , right here stop. There came a time where I adored looking through the glass window and wondered how I would look in each one of them. Time lapse to now there’s no other way I would like to spend my day. Cruising the lanes with my mates or my mom to buy little things that made me feel satisfied. 
For each one of us this little rewind, forward, time lapse might be different but I distinctly remember an era when I was obsessed over heels. Those louboutins on the shelf were like candy to the diabetic. After lot of convincing my mom bought me my first pair on my thirteen birthday. I quote her “Now your a teenager you can handle some height ”
Of course I thought I was ready. The first time I wore them for 4 hours and I felt perfectly fine in fact I felt like I was on top of the world LITERALLY. The next time I wore it on a day out with my mom. But as the hours stretched my legs felt like jelly and my head like a pudding. 
My point being each facade, each alteration comes with an expiry. I was eying those pair of heels for ages which would be a complete no no for my best friend.( She thinks they are ghastly.)But at the same time she was eying something else. 
We all are on a strange lookout for things to make us feel less insecure and more confident but the sooner we realise that all we have is ourselves the more beautiful those things will look on you. 
Don’t get me wrong I still love heels heck I own a dozen of them. I have gotten better in faking my self to be completely effortless in them but I feel the most comfortable when I come home and take them off. Like a weight off my shoulder. 
Please stop lying to yourselves and maintaining a facade. Cause the day you come in terms with your problems is the day you start finding its solutions. Don’t look out for that extra something instead search inside for that sparkle you were born with. 
Its easy too look at a person and say ‘”Oh she is so happy. The world has spared her from the terrors of life.”
But only she knows behind closed doors that it’s all a facade. She can stop pretending cause there is no one to see … To judge the scars she wears proudly.  
Only she knows how hard it is to look happy each day. To make the world believe that her life is as they say 
Wear your scars proudly so that scarf on your shoulder or that watch on your hand isn’t hiding the cuts but showcasing your guts 

I’m sure you all have something special about you. Let me know what it is ? What’s that one thing that you love about you that you never have to fake ??

Sparkling yours 


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Truth about Trust

TRUST a five letter word that can leave a mark on five generations straight. But if that’s a mark of loyalty,love and friendship or of hatred , disappointment and anger  that’s something to only you get to decide. 

I being one of those naive people who trusts people blindly or should I say trusted. This world already has so much hatred and hitler characters I refused to believe that the people around me were a part of this play. But this was too good to be true. 

I learned that in a world of competition it’s human nature to break some bonds to create a new more beneficial relationship. If being number one means breaking someone trust seems right, right?  You couldn’t be more wrong. Recently someone I knew got his heart broken by someone who completely didn’t deserve such a great person like him. I quote “I have stoped trusting everyone I meet.  ” that’s what he told me. 

Now I’m gonna tell you what I told him. This life is too short to waste yourself on someone who doesn’t deserve it but too long to spend it alone. And no matter how hard it is we have to start trusting people again cause…like oxygen surrounding yourself with people you trust is the only thing that won’t suffocate you. 

Sparkle yourself with hope and stop having expectations from anyone. Cause all though the world has a lot of glitter not all of it can be yours. If you stop having high expectations then when someone does you good, you will be surprised but if someone does wrong you ,it won’t be as heartbreaking. Don’t set expectations , (I know I told you to think twice before trusting) but trust me life will be a lot clearer. 

So who do you trust ? What your take on it  ? Did anyone break your sparkle? Let me know in the comments below and I will try my level best to help you. And you don’t have to be worried cause I don’t know you to judge you. Also leaving my email ID down for anyone who wants to talk without being uncomfortable. 

Sparklingly Yours 

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